How To Look Slim & Slender: The Golden Nuggets

There are simple little tricks of the dressing trade that can really slenderize you. Here are the golden nuggets to dressing slimmer:

1.  Avoid broomstick skirts at all costs. If you want to draw attention to your waistline, hips, and butt, just add tons of gathered fabric. 
2.  Ditch a waisted pleated skirt. I know. I love pleated skirts. But if you add pleats around your tummy, guess what?  You’ll add pounds to your waist. 
3.  Always choose a V-neck sweater, blouse, or dress 👗. It draws the eye 👁 down. 
4.  Avoid big and bulky, thick sweaters. I love them but they’re very very unflattering!  They’ll instantly add pounds. They also tend to be boxy in shape. 
5.  Avoid front pockets and gathering at the tummy or waist area. I just bought a paper bag pair of summer pants 👖 and it doesn’t look good. I look like a person stuffed into a brown paper sack. 
6.  Wear flat surface pants 👖 or jeans that have nothing on them. Avoid gathers & pleats!
7.  Wear empire waist dresses 👗 or blouses 👚. It cinches just under your bust for a very slimming effect. 
8.  Wear slimming pants that hug 🤗 the legs. 
9.  Avoid shorts 🩳 of any kind. Bermuda 🇧🇲 shorts say “no”!  Don’t even think 🤔 about wearing knee length or above the knee shorts!  They’re just so unflattering!

10.  Wear tight on the top coupled with loose on the bottom. Or wear loose on top with tight on the bottom. 
11.  Add a belt. This draws attention to your waist. 
12.  Avoid large prints!  Every time! You can wear large prints if you want to look like a piece of wallpaper!

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  • Excellent advice!!!!

    • Dave Udall