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Classic Style: Copy Amal Clooney

Classic Style:  Copy Amal Clooney

Here are some easy and clever tips on how to look classy every single day. I took notes from Amal Clooney (George Clooney’s wife):

1.  Wear clean, long hair. 
2.  Blow dry and curl your hair. 
3.  Part your hair on the side. 
4.  Wear a minimal dangling earring. 
5.  Wear your hair to one side.

6.  Wear a bold red lipstick 💄.  

7.  Wear one color. 
8.  Wear a classic pump with a heal 👠.  

9.  Smile. 
10.  Wear sunglasses 🕶.  

11.  Look for fabrics that aren’t cheap or clingy. 
12.  Keep trim and fit. 
13.  Wear a nude leg 🦵 if you put...

How To Look Slim & Slender: The Golden Nuggets

How To Look Slim & Slender:  The Golden Nuggets

There are simple little tricks of the dressing trade that can really slenderize you. Here are the golden nuggets to dressing slimmer:

1.  Avoid broomstick skirts at all costs. If you want to draw attention to your waistline, hips, and butt, just add tons of gathered fabric. 
2.  Ditch a waisted pleated skirt. I know. I love pleated skirts. But if you add pleats around your tummy, guess what?  You’ll add pounds to your waist. 
3.  Always choose a V-neck sweater, blouse, or dress 👗. It draws the eye 👁 down. 
4.  Avoid big and bulky, thick sweaters. I love them but they’re...

We Wish You a Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year

We Wish You a Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year

Christmas 🎄 time is near. This can mean lots of different things for different people. I grew up in a home 🏡 where Christmas meant everything joyful and happy. Red and white. Mom would always get our red shag carpets cleaned right before our hand flocked fresh white Christmas tree 🎄 would be delivered. We would get enlisted in the tree decorating business by hanging every red ball and garlands on every branch. We weren’t allowed to be done ✅ until every single bow was baring a red ornament. It did look spectacular! Then mom would order a customized ice...