How To Dress Like a European

How To Dress Like a European

When you travel to Europe, you don’t want to stick out like a tourist or you’ll be a target for possible pick pocketing or other scams. Try to start dressing like a European even in America!  They are more fashion forward than we are. First off, never wear work out clothes while running errands or out and about!  Take time to dress up a bit and elevate your look. Secondly, never wear yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ pants 👖 unless you’re at the gym. Instead wear trousers, jeans, a dress, or a skirt. Thirdly, never wear ripped and torn jeans. They look ragged...

How To Dress Slimmer in Easy Steps

How To Dress Slimmer in Easy Steps

ŁThere’s fast, fun tips to dress slimmer. Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Wear a V-neck shirt or top or sweater. Remember round necks add pounds. 
2.  Wear vertical stripes not horizontal lines!

3.  Wear a ruffled or collared blouse. It naturally draws the eyes upwards away from tummy or fat. 
4.  Wear longer length sweater or jacket. 
5.  Wear muted prints not bold. 
6.  Use angles away from you, like a tunic top. Don’t ever wear Capri pants. 
7.  Wear belts to cinch in the waist. 
8.  Wear an angled short sleeve tshirt

9.  Wear a kitten heal shoe or a...

Ten Styling Tips: Frumpy to Fabulous

Ten Styling Tips:  Frumpy to Fabulous

Here’s my short list of styling tips to go from frumpy to fabulous:

1.  Cinch your waist with a belt. Say bye bye to baggy!

2.  Wear glamorous sunglasses 😎. 
3.  Wear a button down, collared shirt 👕  

4.  Tuck in your blouse 👚 or shirt. 
5.  Wear silk shirts.

6.  Wear cute flats 🥿. 
7.  Have good posture. 
8.  Wear a blazer jacket. 
9.  Dress up not down. When in doubt, go fancy. 
10.  Smile 😃 

Classic Style: Copy Amal Clooney

Classic Style:  Copy Amal Clooney

Here are some easy and clever tips on how to look classy every single day. I took notes from Amal Clooney (George Clooney’s wife):

1.  Wear clean, long hair. 
2.  Blow dry and curl your hair. 
3.  Part your hair on the side. 
4.  Wear a minimal dangling earring. 
5.  Wear your hair to one side.

6.  Wear a bold red lipstick 💄.  

7.  Wear one color. 
8.  Wear a classic pump with a heal 👠.  

9.  Smile. 
10.  Wear sunglasses 🕶.  

11.  Look for fabrics that aren’t cheap or clingy. 
12.  Keep trim and fit. 
13.  Wear a nude leg 🦵 if you put...

Try Something New

Try Something New

I’m really very traditional yet I’ve been challenging myself to try new things like new places to visit, new restaurants to dine in, new pools to swim in. I also went shopping 🛍 in Las Vegas and tried on new, fancier clothes. I walked away having bought a gorgeous white linen fancy dress with bling bling high heel sandals. I felt like my daughter retreat in Las Vegas was incredible and different. So I challenge each of you to try new or different things. It will stretch you out of the ordinary and mundane and routine.