12 Elegant Habits of Elegant Ladies

There’s little things you can do to become more elegant and classy. It’s amazing how little adjustments can elevate your style. Here it is. 
1.  Buy fresh flowers. Yes invest in yourself. It will elevate your home and your mood. 
2.  Exercise every day. You don’t have to join the gym to exercise. You can walk, jog, bike, hike, swim, play pickle ball. Elegant ladies take time to workout. Take great care of yourself. 
3.  Don’t be argumentative or negative. Nothing turns people off faster than defensive and argumentative people. Also turn your discussion to positive , happy talk. 
4.  Keep a clean and tidy home. This is essential to your mental and physical well being. Throw things out. Keep all surfaces cleared off. Make your bed daily. Pick up your clothes. 
5.  Read and become educated. Nothing is more attractive than an active mind. Learn something new everyday and share it. You’ll become more interesting to be around. 
6.  Have a self care routine. Go get your hair done. Get a manicure and pedicure. Get a monthly massage or facial. Meditate and pray. Deep breathe. Take hot bubble baths 🧼. Enjoy nature. 
7.  Get at least ten minutes of daily sunlight. You’ll soak up vitamin D and it will get you outside. 
8.  Smile more. I’ve noticed that people who smile more look happier and are automatically more attractive. You’ll also be more like able. 
9.  Don’t smoke 🚭 or drink 🍹 alcohol. Nothing looks worse than someone who smokes. It’s like inhaling poison to your body. It’s unhealthy, nasty, time consuming and expensive. 
10. Make yourself scarce. You heard me. Fill up your schedule. Don’t always be available for your family, friends, co-workers. People want what they can’t have. Make yourself valuable. Always have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, others will plan your day for you. 
11.  Wear a dress. That’s right. A dress instantly elevates your look. Dresses can be dressed up or down. Dresses just look more polished and feminine. Throw away your shorts and cutoff jeans. Dress for success.

12.  Smell pretty by bathing or showering 🧼 daily and applying perfume and deodorant.  Keep breath mints nearby.  
13.  Bonus tip:  Keep your car 🚗 clean 🧼 and your sinks clean.  Yup you heard me.  Take pride in your kitchen and your surroundings especially your car.  If you clean and polish your sinks, then that means you’ll have to do the dishes  and then a polished sink.  

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