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Try Something New

Try Something New

I’m really very traditional yet I’ve been challenging myself to try new things like new places to visit, new restaurants to dine in, new pools to swim in. I also went shopping 🛍 in Las Vegas and tried on new, fancier clothes. I walked away having bought a gorgeous white linen fancy dress with bling bling high heel sandals. I felt like my daughter retreat in Las Vegas was incredible and different. So I challenge each of you to try new or different things. It will stretch you out of the ordinary and mundane and routine. 

Ten Things Elegant Women Never Wear

Ten Things Elegant Women Never Wear

Here are ten things elegant woman never wear:

1.  Leggings

2.  Frayed jeans 👖 

3.  Crop tops or midriff tops

4.  Shorts 🩳 

5.  Workout 🏋️‍♀️ clothes when not working out 🏋🏻 

6.  Hoodies

7.  Pants or jeans with holes or slashes in them

8.  Tank tops

9.  Baggy pants with a lower crotch

10.  Cut out fronts or backs in tops or dresses


12 Elegant Habits of Elegant Ladies

12 Elegant Habits of Elegant Ladies

There’s little things you can do to become more elegant and classy. It’s amazing how little adjustments can elevate your style. Here it is. 
1.  Buy fresh flowers. Yes invest in yourself. It will elevate your home and your mood. 
2.  Exercise every day. You don’t have to join the gym to exercise. You can walk, jog, bike, hike, swim, play pickle ball. Elegant ladies take time to workout. Take great care of yourself. 
3.  Don’t be argumentative or negative. Nothing turns people off faster than defensive and argumentative people. Also turn your discussion to positive , happy talk. 
4.  Keep a clean and...