How to Look Expensive & Elegant

Here’s a few simple tricks of the trade to elevate your style and to make you look expensive and elegant. First, wear a belt. This is often overlooked but well worth your while. Secondly, wear neutral colors like black or cream or navy. Third, wear a headband or a hat. Nothing looks classier than a pretty headband. Fourth, always dress in three’s by adding a coat 🧥 or jacket. This really ties your look together. Fifth, wear clean, styled hair. Your hair is usually the first thing people notice. Sixth, add a pop of color. Most women avoid color in their wardrobe, however a pop of color is unusual and pleasing to the eye. Seven, don’t dress like everyone else. Look around and observe that most women look sloppy. Elevate your look with more dressier clothes. I’ve even seen women wear their pajamas to shop!  Really?  Sweats are just as bad. Eight, wear sunglasses 🕶. Nothing looks more glamorous than a beautiful pair of sunglasses. Nine, wear a simple accessory like a pair of earrings or a simple necklace. Ten, skip on baggy or large floral prints period. 

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