How To Dress Like a European

When you travel to Europe, you don’t want to stick out like a tourist or you’ll be a target for possible pick pocketing or other scams. Try to start dressing like a European even in America!  They are more fashion forward than we are. First off, never wear work out clothes while running errands or out and about!  Take time to dress up a bit and elevate your look. Secondly, never wear yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ pants 👖 unless you’re at the gym. Instead wear trousers, jeans, a dress, or a skirt. Thirdly, never wear ripped and torn jeans. They look ragged and sloppy. Fourth, never wear flip flops 🩴 unless you’re on the beach 🏝️. Instead, wear slides or nicer sandals 👡 in leather. Fifth, wear a trench coat 🧥 or a blazer or a leather jacket instead of a ski 🎿 coat. Sixth, don’t wear fanny packs or backpacks 🎒. Instead, wear an elevated bag, like a cross body bag. Seventh, go light on the logos. Instead, wear nice clothes and accessories that don’t show wealth. Leave your baseball hat 🧢 at home with your leggings. Eighth, wear elegant, understated makeup 💄. Look regal, elegant, classy, and subtle. Nine, don’t dress skimpy or sleazy or too revealing. Instead, wear traditional clothes. Wear an elevated white sneaker 👟.

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