15 Secrets to Getting More Done ✅ in a Day Instantly

You know what?  I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve learned some simple tricks to get more done in a day instantly. Here’s my golden 15 secrets:

1.  Get up early. You know the saying that the early bird gets the worm 🐛. Well it’s true. I get so much done in the early morning because there’s less distractions. 
2.  Make a list!  I’m a huge fan of making lists. I think I have over 600 lists of things. But make a daily to do list and cross them off as you accomplish them. 
3.  On Sunday night plan your outfits for the week. Then there’s no guess work or rush or confusion when you have to get dressed in the morning. 
4.  Get dressed. I know tons of gals who stay in their robes all day long. I say, get up and get ready. If you look the part, you’ll act the part!

5.  Order online groceries for curbside pick up. Not only do you save time but you save money 💵 because there’s no impulse shopping 🛒. 
6.  Plan your meals on Sunday night. This saves you the pain of not knowing what to serve for dinner 🍴 every night. You can plan your ingredients accordingly.

7.  Make good use of your down time like when you’re in your car 🚗 driving the kids or running errands or commuting. Listen to podcasts or books on tape. 
8.  Tweak each room for ten minutes per room. Set the timer ⏱ for ten minutes and hurry through each room. You can make a bed 🛌 in minutes. You can pick up clutter in a matter of minutes. You’d be surprised how fast you can make a room look presentable. 
9.  Break down a big project into tiny manageable pieces. By an inch it’s a cinch. By a mile it takes a while.  Think baby 🍼 steps. 
10.  Decide if you’re a morning or afternoon or evening person. I personally get more mental chores done ✅ better in the morning while the afternoon I reserve for more brainless activities like working out 🏋️‍♀️ or cleaning 🧹. 
11.  Delegate whenever possible. If you have a spouse, engage them. If you have children, enlist them to help. If you have a cleaning 🧼 lady, all the better. 
12.  Lower your expectations of perfection. I don’t wash 🧼 clothes if they’ve only been worn once. Go easy on yourself.

13.  Turn on all the appliances. I love to run the dishwasher and washing machine the same time as I run the robotic vacuum and crockpot. It gives me a thrill to come home 🏡 to everything clean!

14.  Imagine the desired outcome. Some use a vision board. Others set goals. Others day dream about what success looks like to them. Remember your attitude determines your altitude. 
15.  Carry a notebook 📒 wherever you go. I write down everything!  My lists. My ideas 💡. My groceries. My menus. My dreams. Everything. Most of the time we forget if we don’t write it down. 

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