What To Wear When You Fly the Friendly Skies

I just got back from the airport after flying around the country and I watched all kinds of people and what they were wearing. It’s so interesting to see what exactly people look like and how they dress. It always amazes me at how different and unique we all our!  We each have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, and two ears yet we all have unique and varying characteristics. I must say that most travelers look unclassy and far too casual. It is possible to look classy and be comfortable all at the same time!  I hate it when ladies think 🤔 it’s flattering to wear leggings or workout 🏋️‍♀️ attire on the airplane ✈️!  It seriously looks like everyone just stepped out of the gym!  Really?  Come on people!  I think 🤔 most ladies look good in jeans or a comfortable pair of pants 👖 and a nice blouse 👚 or shirt plus a light weight jacket 🧥. I always get cold 🥶 on an airplane ✈️ so wearing a jacket always comes in handy. I hate sloppy, ripped jeans or cut off shorts!  Next, always wear comfortable runners or sneakers, not flip flops 🩴 or high heels 👠. We had to walk miles just to get to our gate, and flip flops 🩴 would have made it very difficult to walk on the moving trams. Runners or sneakers 👟 can look super cute and comfortable!  I also love wearing a midi dress 👗 and sneakers 👟 when traveling 🧳 because I find dresses to not only look classic but they are also very comfortable if they’re midi in length and have some stretch to them. I really believe that casual dresses look so much better on ladies than cut off jeans or shorts 🩳 or gym attire!  Next, how many ladies at the airport look like they just woke up and forgot to brush and style their hair!  Come on ladies!  Let’s put in a little effort!  

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