Wear Colors That Compliment Your Hair & Skin

Before you put on that lime green blouse or mustard yellow dress, think twice. If you’ve ever been color draped, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Learning about what colors work with your unique hair and skin tones makes all the difference in the world. For instance, I used to dress in black and red. Seldom does this look good to fair skinned blondes. It washed me out. Pale blues look very good on me as well as pinks. If you can’t afford a color code specialist, then just hold your clothing garment up to your face in the mirror in a well-lit mirror. How does that color look on you?  Does it compliment you or make you look tired and washed out?  Take a few minutes each day to see.  Usually dark haired and dark eyed people look good in darker or bolder colors. Fair blue-eyed blondes look great in paler tones like light purples, blues, and pinks. 

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