Wear a Dress πŸ‘—

I know this sounds funny πŸ˜„ but I think every woman looks better in a dress πŸ‘—rather than in pants πŸ‘–, shorts 🩳, or cut-offs. I just went out to lunch πŸ₯— the other day and I observed what everyone was wearing. It was astonishing that the people who looked the sharpest were the ones wearing dresses or just fancier clothing. It’s like if you look good, then you feel good. Then yesterday I went to Thanksgiving Point Tulip 🌷 Festival. There again, the women who wore dresses πŸ‘— looked better and cooler than the ones stuffed into their pants. It was 83 degrees out with a full sun β˜€οΈ. Dresses that were loose and flowy looked great as did dresses that were more casual or sporty. So my challenge to you today is to wear a dress πŸ‘— every day for a week and see how you look and feel.

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