Tips for Flying When You Travel

I have flown a lot and I’ve learned a few tricks or tips when I fly. First of all, pack light!  I love to just take a big handbag 👜 like the ones on  I have missed my flight ✈️ before and having my bag with me has been a blessing. I always carry a phone 📱 charger in my bag. I always carry my makeup 💄 bag in my purse. One time I checked a suitcase 🧳 and didn’t think to carry any makeup 💄 or lipstick in my purse, and I looked terrible when I walked off the airplane ✈️. Next, I always carry a snack in my purse like nuts or cheese or cookies or fresh fruit 🍉 like an orange 🍊. That has saved me!  Next, always pack a big warm scarf 🧣 in your purse or carry on. I freeze on flights and the airlines don’t seem to provide blankets anymore. I think scarves are super classy anyways so carry one or wear one. Then you can use it as a blanket or pillow. Next, always arrive early because most planes ✈️ board In advance of take off!  So many bigger, newer airports take a ton of time walking to your gate. Salt Lake City and Denver have huge airports and it takes time just to arrive to your gate to board. Next, carry a small tube of your favorite lotion and breath mints. Have you ever sat right next to a stinky breath passenger?  Not fun!  Happy travels. 

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