How To Dress Slimmer in Easy Steps

ŁThere’s fast, fun tips to dress slimmer. Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Wear a V-neck shirt or top or sweater. Remember round necks add pounds. 
2.  Wear vertical stripes not horizontal lines!

3.  Wear a ruffled or collared blouse. It naturally draws the eyes upwards away from tummy or fat. 
4.  Wear longer length sweater or jacket. 
5.  Wear muted prints not bold. 
6.  Use angles away from you, like a tunic top. Don’t ever wear Capri pants. 
7.  Wear belts to cinch in the waist. 
8.  Wear an angled short sleeve tshirt

9.  Wear a kitten heal shoe or a wedge shoe instead of flats. 

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