Best Eyelash Kit That Includes Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes to BUY NOW

THE BEST EYELASH KIT TO BUY is finally discovered by fashionista, Laurel Udall!  After years and years of applying stinky, sticky, yucky white eyelash glue to eyelash strips, I grew very tired of trying to make my eyelashes look long and natural!  I sucked at applying false eyelashes.  One day, I heard about magnetic eyelashes that you sandwich between your own eyelashes.  It sounded easy enough, so I ordered up some.  They finally arrived in the mail and I struck out again!  I couldn't believe it...I couldn't attach those darn eyelashes!  I gave up until recently when I came across these magetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelash kit.  It is amazing!  I am always in a hurry so I got ready for church yesterday and was waiting in the car when I pulled out the best eyelash kit ever!  I applied the magnetic eyeliner and let it dry for a minute and then the moment of truth:  I applied the magnetic eyelash strip and VOILA, the magnetic eyelashes attached instantly to my eyeliner that had just been applied!  You have got to try this best magnetic eyeliner/eyelash kit.  Buy now at

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