Ten Fashion Trends to Run From

There are some atrocious fashion trends that you should run from. Not only are they trendy but they are outright ugly!  I hope these trends disappear forever. Here they are:

1.  Ripped & weathered jeans. 
2.  Acid washed jeans. 
3.  Glossy puffy jackets. 
4.  Cropped tops. 
5.  Cropped sweaters. 
6.  Chunky sweaters that are patch sewn. 
7.  Plunging necklines on any tops. 
8.  Super flared jeans. 
9.  Chunky plaid jackets. Lumberjack looking. 
10.  Birkenstock anything. 
11.  Bonus:  chunky thick soled boots 🥾 or shoes. 

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